Thank You for your patience! – Updated


Thanks to Andy, I've got another server available now, so starting with today's podcast, we are on-line with a good amount of space for the time being.   My plan is to update some of the archived posts to the new server, so that folks can access the archives as well.  If there is one that you'd like to have posted, let me know.  I will probably post the "Spiritual Conversation Starters" post from before the currrent "40 Days of Purpose" series since it seems that that entry is getting the most hits from the search engines.

By the way, it has been exciting to see the growth in the hits on the site.  I added the hit counter to the blog about the time we started the "40 Days" series and by day 30 we had about 700 hits.  Not approaching a blogging record or anything, but encouraging to me, none the less.

Original Post – May 26, 2006
It seems that we have encountered a slight problem with the main server I was using to host my .mp3 (audio) files. The net result is that some of the older podcast recordings are currently unavailable. I have contacted my webmaster for my main server, so I hope to have it up and running as soon as possible. In the mean time I have re-posted the last few days' worth of .mp3 files to another smaller server, just to keep the current episodes online. Hopefully this will be transparent to all regular podcast subscribers, since I know the server was working yesterday and you should have gotten yesterday's episode if you connected in the first half of the day at least, and today I've moved the .mp3 files from Wednesday through today to a new smaller server (so they should be available if you're just downloading them now).

The problem will be that I will run out of space on my available server within a few days, so I can't guarantee more than a few days' worth of .mp3 files available until we get the main server up and running again. So…download the podcast daily, or at least every other day, and you won't miss any. Once the main server is back up the archives should be accessable again. Of course, you should be able to read them here anytime.

Thank you for your patience!

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