Podcast Update – Re-posting


Thank you for your patience with our podcasting issues!

Part of the way through our 40 Days of Purpose, the server I had been using through the gracious help of a friend became unavailable, because the domain expired before my friend realized it.

So, while he was trying to resolve that issue, I found another friend who could help by posting files on his server. However, just after the 40 Days of Purpose, we had to use the server offsite to assist with our church’s VBS program (running Powerpoint). Then my friend took a job in a neighboring state and began commuting to the job each week. This resulted in the second server being offline!

I tried to post a few files on the small amount of webspace I had with my ISP account, but I realized that I needed something larger and, hopefully, accessible for the long haul.

So…let’s see if “three is charm” or if it will be “three strikes and you’re out!”

I discovered Ourmedia.org and archive.org which claim to offer free storage forever! I am currently uploading the podcast files to their server starting from the most recent episodes and working back to the first of the podcast episodes.

I am hoping that iTunes will update the links. I will try to see if I can ping their feed somehow.

However, now it seems that WordPress is not encapusulating the .mp3 links.  I’ve posted the blog and the .mp3s but they aren’t showing up on the podcast.  Trying to research what is happening!

Please let me know if you encounter any problems I haven’t found yet with the podcast.

Pastor Bill

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