On the Journey

“Are we there yet?”  Do you remember that question?  I remember asking that question as a child and hearing it as a parent.  I recall that my Dad often planned to travel at night when we headed out for a long trip…probably to avoid hearing that question!

We all, individually and as a church, are on a journey.  Often we get impatient and want to be at our destination already.  The trip can be tiring and we may encounter obstacles or problems.  However, I have found that the journey itself can be beneficial.  We can learn, grow and gain strength along the way.  We will encounter amazing places and wonderful people.  We will encounter God on our journey also.

Thousands of years ago a man named Zerubbabel led a group of the Jews from their Babylonian exile to return to the Promised Land to rebuild a temple that had been burned and broken down.  This was 70 years after the previous temple had been destroyed.  (You can read about this in the Bible books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai.)  They encountered challenges and difficulties, but also saw the Lord work on their behalf in miraculous ways as their temple was completed!

In February we met with representatives of our Design/Build team, including our Architect.  We are still “on the journey” of working on our Master Site Plan and the design of our Phase One building.  We hope to be able to present concept drawings of these plans sometime this Spring.  After that stage we will present the plan for funding this exciting project.  So please pray with us that God will continue to guide us so that we can make the best use of the blessings God has given and will give us!  We want to be faithful to “Reach the World and Teach the Word with Passion for Christ and Compassion for All!”

On what journey are you traveling?  What obstacles or problems have you encountered?  How has God been with you on the journey?  Let me encourage you to seek to follow Him and He will guide you to your destination…eventually!  But remember the journey itself will be worth the effort!  Join us on the journey!

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