Good News!

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Have you, or someone you know, ever wondered if God really cared about you?  Have you ever faced something so bad or difficult that you found it hard to believe that God was paying attention to you?  Have you ever considered giving up on God because it seemed that He had given up on you?  Well, if you’ve ever been there, don’t give up on God, because He has a message for you:  the Message of Easter!

The Message of Easter is Good News!  At its core, the meaning of Easter is that God has not given up on you or forgotten you.  In fact, His Son, Jesus Christ, willingly sacrificed His life to save yours!  God went to EXTRAORDINARY lengths to make sure that the problems you are facing are not the last word!  Jesus planted the seed that will grow into ultimate victory for you and me!  His death and resurrection have set in motion a redemptive process that will, one day, transform the whole world!

The only thing that is unclear is whether or not we will share in this transformation.  The reason it is unclear is that the choice is left up to us.  Will we admit that we need to be rescued from the devastation of our sinful world and from the results of our own sinful choices?  Will we accept Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness for our sins?  Will we choose to follow Him?  I have.  Will you?

The message of Easter is Good News!  The God of the universe has not abandoned us in a broken world.  Instead, He is dying to save us from it, and then He overcame death so that we could too!  Help us share the story this Easter!  It’s Good News!

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