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Have you ever noticed that a lot of TV commercials tell you that if you really want to impress others, you need to buy their product? Well, I, for one, am staging a walk-out on that kind of thinking! I’ve seen too many people allow themselves to be manipulated into buying things they don’t really need in order to impress people they don’t even like in the first place! Then they have to make payments on things they don’t even use with money they don’t even have! How crazy is that?

In the Bible, in John 5:41-44, Jesus tells the religious people of His day that they are more interested in being honored by the people around them than they are in being honored by God.

Let’s ask ourselves the questions, “Whom am I trying to impress? Do I change the way I behave around certain people? Why?”

There is a problem if the person we’re most trying to please is not God. If we are focusing our life on impressing certain people, we end up putting on an act only around them. But if the focus of our life is on pleasing God, our whole life has to change, because we can’t fool God…ever! We must then live a life of integrity, living with the same purpose and principles all the time, everywhere! Of course, that means we need God’s salvation, redemption and assistance all the time, everywhere! Then the One whose opinion really counts will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”