A Christmas Apart

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This Christmas many military families will have to deal with celebrating Christmas with a loved one deployed somewhere around the world. For many military families these holidays and family celebrations are very difficult. There seems to be a nagging sense that things aren’t quite as they should be with a family member gone. There is the ongoing worry about the safety of their family member who is in a war zone. There is sometimes even a sense of guilt if the holiday is enjoyed while their loved one is facing difficulties abroad. These families are sacrificing for our safety in ways that many of us will never fully understand.

This reminded me that the first Christmas marked the first time that God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son were separated in any way. At that point Jesus’ separation was due to his becoming a baby, becoming limited to communicating just through cries and babbling. His separation was due to his willing submission to our human limitations, our need to learn and grow. He surrendered the glories of heaven, yielded to necessary limitations on his divine powers, and even endured what was no doubt a drastic, but temporary change in His ability to communicate fully with the Father & Spirit as He grew from a baby to manhood.

The first Christmas brought about a great sacrifice for the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Their “family circle” was drastically disrupted. But the disruption was temporary in order to bring about a greater benefit for the whole human race. So as we remember God’s “indescribable gift” this Christmas, let’s also remember the tremendous sacrifice it required. And, don’t forget, the many military families who are also sacrificing so that you can celebrate Christ’s birth while enjoying “peace on earth!”