Breaking the Rules?

Did you know that Jesus broke the rules? Pastor Bill explains in the podcast for today.

Welcome to Faith Builders. This is Pastor Bill Crane.

Have you ever run into someone who just loves to make rules? The only problem with this type of person is that usually someone like this not only loves to make rules, he or she also loves to give them to you! So, if you spot someone like this, try to keep your distance!

Did you know that there was one group of people that Jesus didn’t get along with very well? Would you believe that they were “rule-givers” and the “rule-guardians?”

In the Bible, John tells the story, in chapter 5, of a man who had been an invalid for 38 years! But then Jesus came. He told the man to “Get up. Pick up your mat and walk.” So he did and was healed! Can you imagine the joy that he must have felt to be able to walk home, well and whole?

But, wouldn’t you know it! He ran into the rule-guardians! You see, that day happened to be the Sabbath. Now God had said that we are to keep the Sabbath day holy. But then the rule-givers added their own ideas as to how everyone else was to do that. One of the rules they made was that you couldn’t carry anything like a mat on the Sabbath. So they stopped the guy and said, “Hey, you can’t do that on the Sabbath!” The man replied, “The man who made me well said to me, ‘Pick up your mat and walk.’” You can probably guess what part of his statement caught their attention, can’t you? Instead of rejoicing that this man who had been an invalid for 38 years was finally healed, these rule-guardians wanted to know who had told him to break their rules!

I don’t know about you, but I want to live with Jesus’ attitude instead of the attitude of the rule-guardians. The rule of Jesus’ life was Love: love for God and others. As a result, Jesus helped those in need and called them into a right relationship with God. Jesus’ example helps me to remember that man-made rules and regulations are helpful in their proper place, but we must not lose sight of what’s eternally important: loving God will all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving our neighbor as ourselves.